Bare Awareness and Mindfulness of the Buddha

Mayfair, Bombay July 5, 1967

Mindfulness per the Lord Buddha – 3rd Talk

Bare Awareness.

This is more contemplation rather than tuning the mind with the mind that guides on the subject of the Discourse as is usually the case with me when I give Discourses. Today, I will talk about the deeper aspect of mindfulness than what we have talked on during the last two lectures.

A thought arose in my mind which says: “Light is life, darkness is absence of life and can lead to even death.”

The death here is not of life, but of the object, whether human or otherwise, that is a prisoner of the darkness. So, from the point of view of spiritual light, our human mind, which we call our finite ego-mind, is in darkness and this darkness prevents us from knowing the light that is Divine Life. If we do not remove this darkness, it ends into what we call our physical death. That does not mean that the spiritual light dies. It is we, as human instruments, who die, because we have not made the right effort to know the light that is Divine Light which is inborn within us. It is inborn within every creation, and if we do not inculcate the right methods given to us by the High Ones, the ancient ones, particularly those who have descended from the highest of the high, and do not take advantage of the way of life shown by them, leading us into light, then we must end through darkness into death which is our physical death.

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