Essential Teachings

Accept what is acceptable but do not reject what is not acceptable

- Dr. Dinshah K. Mehta

The SSG teaches that all of creation, including Satan and the hell-bound souls, must return to the Source from which they emerged. In order to complete the journey back to the Source, we have to live a life that is based upon the principles that have emanated from the Source. If we do not, we will end up going down another blind lane of life that will not lead us back to the Source but keep us trapped within the wheel of Karma.

God has a plan for every aspect of creation and for each individual soul. Therefore, in order to live a life in keeping with the Source, as mentioned above, the SSG teaches that one should not make plans for one’s life according to one’s own ideas and desires or the ideas of others whether they are parents and/or other well-wishers.

Instead one should “Fit into the Divine Plan that God has for each one of us.” Dr. Mehta often said, “Plan not but fit into the Plan Divine.” In order to fit into the Divine Plan, one has to transition from the way of life in which one is, into the Divine Plan for one’s soul. To do that, one has to live according to definite principles that have been revealed by God through various spiritual Masters.

These principles and new ones have been codified through Dr. Dinshah K. Mehta, so that they form a comprehensive system that supports the efforts of spiritual seekers. In its most basic form, SSG teaches that those who wish to fit into the Divine Plan should follow three sets of principles, found below.

Essential Teaching

Seven Principles of Right Surrender

Each of the seven principles plays a definite role in preparing the human personality to grow out of the way of life in which they are and create a link with the Divine. These principles have been explained in the Explanation of the Seven Principles of Right Surrender by Bahram Sharmadaan.

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Essential Teaching

Seven Principles of Right Karma Yoga

In order to perform Karma Yoga, one has to implement God Guidance in keeping with definite spiritual principles and not according to one’s own ideas, no matter how clever they may be. If God Guidance is not implemented in keeping with the right spiritual principles, then instead of performing Karma Yoga one will be performing Karma Bhoga. The principles of Karma Yoga will enable people to implement God Guidance in keeping with the Divine Will and thus avoid creating Karma Bhoga.

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Essential Teaching

Seven Principles of God Guidance Through Force of Circumstances

The fact that the physical sun is constantly shining even when a portion of the earth has turned away from it, is a reflection of the truth that God is constantly radiating His Will to all the souls. However, since most human minds cannot hear the Voice of Silence and receive God Guidance directly, they can receive indirect Guidance from God through the circumstances He creates to bring creations back to Him. They will receive God Guidance indirectly, if they follow the principles of receiving God Guidance through Force of Circumstances.

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Sacred Text

Silence Speaks

In addition to the key teachings referred to above, Revered Dadaji has received thousands of Scripts from the Divine Mind. Some of the earlier Scripts have been published in Silence Speaks.

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Further Reading

Writings of Bahram Shahmardaan

Bahram Shahmardaan, a disciple of Dadaji, the only living member of the SSG that was accepted by the Guiding Mind and current Chairperson of the SSG, USA and Chairperson of the Council of Senior Servants has written several books in which he explains some of the teachings of the SSG.

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