Writings of Bahram Shahmardaan

Bahram Shahmardaan, a disciple of Dadaji, the only living member of the SSG that was accepted by the Guiding Mind and current Chairperson of the SSG, USA and Chairperson of the Council of Senior Servants has written several books in which he explains some of the teachings of the SSG. The books are available on line on Amazon.com and may be found using the key word “Shahmardaan”, and are referenced below.

  • The Journey of Life Eternal: From the Source Unto the Source
  • Love and Hate: Manifesting Love and Transforming Hate
  • Death: Is it the Final Frontier Or An illusion in the Journey of Life Eternal
  • Spirituality Defined! Spirituality Explained!: How God Becomes a Prisoner of Man
  • Christianity and Islam! (In what Language Does God Speak? Which Religion Does God Favor?)
  • Karma: Its Basis, Its Nature, Its Source (How Karma Binds Us to the Cycles of Birth Life and Death, and how You Can Free Yourself From the Wheel of Karma.)
  • The Importance of Principles