Mindfulness according to the Buddha

Mayfair, Bombay, July 1, 1967

Mindfulness as per Lord Buddha’s Teachings (Second talk)

On this first of July 1967, I am required to speak on right mindfulness, not only the right mindfulness of the Buddha but right mindfulness as such. This is a heavy subject and I hope people who are here to listen to it will be able to understand it at least and put it in their lives. God bless you.

As I was tuning my mind to the Mind Divine that makes me speak, a thought arose in my mind which is:

“That which is built on an end leads to the end that is death but that which is built on the Source, leads to endless end that is the very Source itself.”

Again, let us go over this thought and then dissect it in detail and see the veracity of it. That which is built on an end, leads to the end which is death, and the second part is: but that which is built on the Source leads to endless end, which is the very Source itself.

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