Belief System

In reviewing the content below, please keep the following principle in mind: “Accept what is acceptable but do not reject what is not acceptable.”

- Dr. Dinshah K. Mehta

The system of beliefs of the Society of Servants of God is based upon thousands of Scripts and Discourses received through Revered Dadaji, Dr. Dinshah K. Mehta, from the Guiding Mind, generally called God. God does not speak in human languages. So, the Scripts and Discourses are a result of Revered Dadaji’s efforts to render spiritual experiences into human thoughts and then convert them into the medium of the human language with which he was most comfortable, which happens to be English. The summary below provides a glimpse of the spiritual mysteries revealed by God through Revered Dadaji, with a view to help genuine seekers better understand some of the mysteries of creation. Hopefully they will commit to making the necessary right effort to grow to know the Divine self which is their true nature and is sustaining their human personality.

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