Need to Restore Balance in the Physical Domain

Based upon revelations received by Revered Dadaji, Dr. Dinshah K. Mehta, the SSG teaches that when there is an imbalance between the Divine and the anti-Divine in manifestation on the earth plane but nearer the spiritual level, which happens at certain times, then, the Divine Mind begins to descend to restore the balance in manifestation. The imbalance happens when human beings misuse the free will they are endowed with to pursue their desires. This pursuit of their desires, which is manifested through their thoughts and/or actions, causes human beings to stray further and further away from the aspect of the Divine within them, commonly called the soul, and the Will of God.

When the separation between the Divine Will and the will of human beings who are pursuing their desires, reaches a critical point, the Sustainer Principle of the Holy Trinity can no longer sustain creation and maintain the balance nearer the spiritual level between the Divine and the anti-Divine in manifestation. When this critical stage is reached, then the Re-Creator Principle, which has been personified in various religions as Kshatravairyo, Michael and Shiva, corrects the wrong trend by destroying the forms of those manifestations, which could be individuals, institutions or other life forms that are perpetrating the wrong in manifestation. It is important to note that the Re-Creator Principle destroys only the forms that are acting contrary to the Divine Will. The Re-Creator Principle does not harm the spiritual entity, the soul, that is linked to the physical life forms that are indulging in the wrong manifestation.

As a matter of fact, when the Re-Creator Principle destroys the forms, the spiritual beings linked to the forms grow towards the spiritual goal of Life Eternal. When the Re-Creator aspect of the Divine acts to restore the balance between Truth and un-Truth in manifestation, many innocent life forms and human beings also get destroyed, but as mentioned above, only the forms get destroyed but they grow spiritually through the process.

The descent of the Re-Creator Principle to restore the balance on the earth plane is referred to in the Vedas as “the cosmic dance of Shiva when He awakens from His meditative state and becomes the Nataraja and performs His Dance of Re-Creation”. When human beings ignore the warnings given by the descending High Beings, then the destruction, which results from Shiva’s dance of Re-Creation, manifests through agencies of nature which are the Five Elementals referred to earlier. Through these agencies of nature, the Divine Mind manifests destructive natural phenomena, such as unexpected and rapid changes in weather, or incidents of tidal waves and/or tidal bores, and other types of destruction such as earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. The “Dance of Shiva” also manifests through wars which appear to be man-made but in fact result from human nature, which also goes in a state of turmoil because of the descent of the Re-Creator Principle.

The SSG teaches that when the Re-Creator Principle destroys the physical manifestations that are not in keeping with the Divine Will, then the spiritual aspect linked to the destroyed matter grows one step higher in spiritual evolution and, out of the destroyed matter, a new manifestation starts in the right direction. From the matter of the destroyed forms, the Creator Principle begins to create anew. The Creator Principle has been personified in different religions as Asha or Brahma or Raphael, . These new physical creations are once again sustained by the Sustainer Principle, which also has been personified as Vohu Mana, Vishnu or Gabriel. The Creator, Sustainer and Re-Creator Principles are reflected in all the world religions, some of which refer to them collectively as the Holy Trinity or Trimurti.

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