What is Love?

Dr. Dinshah K. Mehta

Servants of Society of God

Editorial Note:

The feeling of love, the feeling of attachment, is one of the most predominant feelings in a human being. The force of love in the form of attraction manifests even in other biological creations and in inanimate objects as well.

Often, human beings in their ebullience do not realize that there is a fundamental difference between the nature and quality of human love and that of Divine Love.

In this Discourse-cum-Talk delivered through Revered Dadaji on June 16, 1975, the difference between Divine Love and human love is clearly explained.  Revered Dadaji has also explained why the aspect of the human mind which experiences emotion wants an outward expression and why, even when right from the accepted social point of view, the outward manifestation in words or deeds is wrong from the spiritual point of view in almost every case unless the outward manifestation is governed and canalized according to spiritual principles and laws.

How one can begin to realize the force that is Divine Love by removing the veils that hinder and even block the flow of the Divine Love from and through the soul of the human being concerned has also been explained. These are the veils that were formed by thoughts of the likes and dislikes and attachments of each individual concerned to various thoughts, things and persons. When these thoughts which make up the veils are emptied out or removed by following right spiritual principles and laws, the force that is Divine Love, which feeds the human soul, just spreads in wider and wider circles through the human personality concerned.

Many other aspects of Divine Love and human love have also been explained in this Discourse-cum-Talk.

The occasion for this Discourse-cum-Talk arose after lunch on June 16, 1975, when Shireen, Revered Dadaji’s daughter, had to say au revoir to Revered Dadaji.  Shireen and Ardeshir (Dadaji’s son) had arrived in Delhi on June 7, 1975, to spend some time with Revered Dadaji and also to attend the ceremonies, which were held on the third and the tenth days of the passing on of their mother, Smt. Gool Mehta.

— Sundri Vaswani

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